25 years

Aligudarz Diamond Tools

It was founded over 25 years ago in 19992 . This company has been actively engaging in manufacturing all types of diamond tools wires for wet cutting and dry cutting wires . we are honored that we have been offering our customer’s needs by applying modern technology.


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Aligudarz Diamond Tools

Manufacturer of all kinds of Marble diamond wire for Travertine ,Limestone, Onyx and ….

Unbelievable diversity and flexibility in Marble diamond wires standout in Aligudarz diamond tools company.This company has variety of diamond wire for Marble in the range of hard to soft stones . apart from kinds of the stones and other circumstances our diamond wires have been able to keep their lifespan and speed .

In addition to all these features, we are able to improve the speed or lifespan of the wires more than usual relying on our customer’s need.

Aligudarz dry cutting wires are manufactured as a good solution for those kinds of quarries which supplying water is very difficult or the condition is hard.

Especial high speed wires is a product that our company developed .Regarding to high expense and priority of speed.

Therefore, This type of the wire is an exclusive and unique product of our company.


Modern Technology

Using modern machinery and technology is Aligudarz diamond tools company feature . permanent investigation and experiment done by our company allow us to catch up with modern technology and market requirement .Aligudarz diamond tools company always seek alternative solutions for possible problems in quarries. This outstanding specifications of our company lead to maximum of efficiency , productivity and high quality in our diamond wires.


The highest quality materals

The materials used in our product are high quality . The materials are experimented before using them in beads and after confirming them are used . we try to use best materials in the world regardless its expense.


Dry diamond wires

After nonstop and consistent endeavor experiments and experience ,Aligudarz diamond tools company were able to manufacture a competitive and high quality dry wire saw .The technology and materials which we reached to produce dry diamond wires is our honor.

گواهینامه ISO9001:2008 شرکت سیم برش الیگودرز

ISO certification

  • Developing quality ,permanent improving our product and moving toward adaptability with global standard
  • Plausibility and reliability of our product and fulfilling the customer’s needs
  • Persistence supervision of our customer activities in order to prevent mistakes instead of recovering
  • Applying cooperative management and welfare facilities for crew
  • Using modern technology and proficiency of the crew


Proficiency of the crew in Aligudarz Diamond Tools company lead to be the pioneer of obtaining ISO 9001:2008 from England as the first diamond tools company

Three decades of endeavor with a brilliant experience

Number one entrepreneur in Iran in 2005 2006 2007

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